Fleet Management

KKR Transport use management reporting to maximise productivity of our fleet. These reports allow forecasting of vehicle utilisation and full time driver job allocations. The type of information captured relates to:

  • Daily driver worksheets
  • GPS tracking reports
  • Mass management
  • Driver fatigue.

The management reports are reviewed daily and enable us to efficiently allocate workload and tasks. Management reports help to prioritise job urgency and area ability, and adjust vehicle utilisation accordingly.

Driver safety / OHS / Training

Drivers must report hazards using the "Take Five" reporting system derived from Neumann Petroleum's Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system. Our drivers are trained and currently using Neumann Petroleum's processes and procedures for OHS, which is a valuable point of difference for our company.

Driver training ensures that vehicles are operated safely and meet State and Federal legislative requirements. Driver appearance and behaviour is monitored in line with company policy, along with enforcement of a smoke, drug, and alcohol free workplace. We enforce safe work practices as aligned with training and certification protocols.

Safe, optimum delivery routes

Drivers are given the most direct legal route to all delivery destinations utilising time and efficiency of delivery.

Drivers are selected for specific delivery routes and have strong knowledge of the region in which they work. Driver familiarity of a region helps avoid traffic hot-spots and accidents, and ensure we maintain positive outcomes for DIFOT.