Health and Safety Policy

The management of KKR Transport has a continued commitment to the Health, Safety and Welfare of employees, customers and the general public who may be impacted by KKR Transport's operations.
We will continue to:

  • monitor and improve safe working conditions
  • adhere to correct operational procedures
  • adhere to legal requirements.

KKR Transport will ensure that our business operates safely, and that our employees take all reasonable care for their own safety, and consider the health and safety of other people who may be affected by their actions. KKR Transport's ongoing commitment is summarised as follows:

  • a continuous improvement approach to planning around health and safety
  • manager's in all departments to accept responsibility for safety measures
  • supervisor's to accept accountability for correct working conditions and practices for their area of control
  • employees to be aware of, and abide by approved working methods, procedures, and safety rules
  • provide a smoke free workplace (with exception of designated areas)
  • regular review and update of policies and procedures governing health and safety.