Transport Mass, Fatigue and Risk Management

KKR Transport operates within a collection of Management Programs to ensure the safest operational environment complying with all legal and environmental obligations.

Mass Management

KKR Transport adopts the quality management system Mass Management to verify that the operator works within the legal mass of the vehicle. This ensures that vehicles are loaded correctly. It provides evidence that the operator is complying with a set of national performance standards provided by Queensland Transport.

We employ Transport Compliance Solutions to train and accredit our management team in fatigue, mass, and maintenance management systems. This is aligned with State and Federal Compliance requirements within the industry.

Fatigue Management

KKR's approach to fatigue management has been successful and we have not had an incident relating to fatigue. Our employees undergo fatigue management training and adhere to the guidelines as detailed in KKR's Employee Handbook, as well as current legislative requirements.

KKR employs a comprehensive and faultless driver fatigue management protocol in line with current legislation requirements and the Transport Operations Regulation 2008. Further to this, we use GPS vehicle tracking devices to track each vehicle, and manage driver fatigue. We use the software to identify inconsistencies within driver time sheets and help us to effectively manage driver fatigue and drive time.

Risk Management - Emergency

All KKR Transport vehicles are fitted with emergency Spill Kits and fire extinguishers. Ongoing driver education and training in emergency and fire procedures ensures skills are maintained and updated to best manage emergency situations.