Vehicles and Tracking

Type of Vehicles and Legal Load Carrying Capacity

We have an adequate number and type of vehicles, with the appropriate legal load capacity to meet the operating requirements of all our clients. KKR's Transport fleet includes 19 meter B Doubles, 25 meter B Doubles - Trucks and dogs and singles.

Our vehicles comply with the legal requirements for cartage of dangerous goods and petroleum products. Vehicles are fitted with emergency information panels in accordance with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code of Practice.


KKR Transport has an unwavering commitment to a Mass Maintenance program. Safety is our priority, and our maintenance program ensures our delivery fleet is safe to operate. Our fleet is well preserved, and this reduces the risk of vehicle breakdown, and subsequently we are able to report strong outcomes for DIFOT.

Vehicle Tracking

Each vehicle is fitted with a tracking device. KKR engages Future Fleet for GPS vehicle tracking of our vehicles. This enables us to locate all vehicles in real-time, as well as view driver activity, speed, vehicle performance, and manage driver fatigue. This can be managed from any computer with an Internet connection. Our trucks are speed limited as per Australian Standard.